Transport Politic

As of now my blogroll has been kept intentionally small.  Links of government transit agencies at the federal, state and local level can be found on the links in the upper right hand corner.

I would like to introduce the Transit Pass readers to The Transport Politic, a blog about the role of the political process in building new transportation as well as thoughts on the economy and efficacy of proposed transportation ideas, whether those ideas originate in government or elsewhere.

One of my favorite features of the website are his pages on projects under construction and proposed projects.  For example, how cool is Honolulu Rail Transit or a K Street Rapid Bus link in Washington DC (think of all the awesome potential nicknames, like the “lobbyist express” or the “pork roller”).

All-in-all I am excited to have the Transport Politic on my blog roll and occasionally tipping my hat to its fabulous posts, including this one on the relationship of the transportation lobby to the roads lobby and how the transport lobby depends on the road lobby (via a blackmail-esque relationship) for its livelihood.