Alaska Railraod

I just updated the blog’s page linking to all state departments of transportation.  In the process I noticed that almost all of them have something quirky or interesting.  In a four part series the blog will look at the most intriguing links on each state’s page.

Alabama: a video of the hidden treasures of traveling while the stars fall on.

Alaska: stunning pictures of and from the Alaska Railroad.

Arizona: I applaud the Department’s effort to promote the underused and incredibly safe roundabouts.

Arkansas: I’ve never driven through, but now that I know 600 species of wildflowers are protected on the side of the road I want to!

California: A neat story from the California Transportation Journal on the history of the Caltrans Translab, which does work on projects like greener concrete.

Colorado: A great campaign to share the road with cyclists and pedestrians called “Oink“.  This particular ad is hysterical.

Connecticut: Connecticut is attempting build public transportation in its major cities and is offering a free 10 day trial ride to get people hooked, if seats are available.

Delaware: The Department of Transportation has a cultural resources department which conducts archaeological digs.  Here are the periods of history preserved in Delaware.

Florida: I learned that South Florida has commuter rail.  I did not even know it existed.

Georgia: The state is installing HOT lanes on I-85, which goes through Hotlanta Atlanta.

Hawaii: Apparently in Hawaii one celebrates energy efficiency with a big check and a lei.

Idaho: The state is battling a plight of invasive plant species brought in by pesky cars from other states.  You won’t find great pictures of trains but you will find great pictures of herbicide treatment.