Boarding Green Line

The MBTA (disclosure, I currently intern for them) had to curtail its list of projects for which iting desires federal fund.  The Green line extension is incredibly important as it would finally make Tufts and other parts of Somerville and Medford easily accessible to downtown Boston.  By Tufts’ own directions, getting there currently requires a trip on the Red Line, a connecting bus, and a 15 minute walk.  The extension would also prevent more cars from driving downtown.  I am for any project that helps keep cars off the streets, especially during work hours.

In other news, the General Mining Act of 1872 may finally be changed.  While this is not a specifically transit related issue, the Act has acted as a de facto subsidy for certain types of non-renewable energies, especially coal.  It is also an abysmal piece of legislation, and one the Bush administration proudly exploited for all their cronies, in this age of environmental protection.