In Friday’s New York Times a feature profiled rail enthusiasts who use old retired railway motor cars to tour scenic landscapes which rail lines go through.  The article profiled members of NARCOA (North American Railcar Operators Association) and their passion for thier railcars.  Jeremy (a Michigan railcar enthusiast) provides a great history of both the railcars (or jiggers or speeders) and the history of their private ownership.

Needless to say the Transit Pass is mightily intrigued and would love to take an excursion himself.  Unfortunately the Transit Pass does not have $6,000 to invest in the private ownership of a railcar right now (dang law school and its enormous debts).  However, he would be interested to know if anyone rents these cars or would just be willing to give him a ride on one of these excursions.  I believe I need to make some phone calls.

Admittedly this does not further infrastructure needs, rather it may be a sign of deteriorating rail infrastructure.  However, hopefully events like these will inspire the national imagination for the power of rails again.